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How can you be just so generally amazing? I've seen a shit load of people try and do what u do but none of them can do it just the right way. You're cool smart and a good influence on people and you give off lots of positive energy.

I wish I got more of these in my inbox. <3

Went for a walk and…

So I went for a walk and stuff, just to get out of the flat and such, and there was this crazy looking white woman at one of the cross-walks. She tapped me on the shoulder and she tells me that (and this is a direct quote): “Jeeboos love yous an cerr bout yous an wanna bees you lord but he gon sent yous to hell cus yous a tranny-f*g” Yes, I was offended. Before I could tell her why she was the village hypocrite she followed it up with: “Jeeboos dun up and got kilt so yous no has to live under the depression of the demon of tranhomospetualism. Jeebous and Got wants yous to be grownt up as the mans he mates yous to be grownt up as.”

I think she tried to hand me a bible or something but I was laughing too hard as I walked away to pay any real attention.



I gender-flooded to day it seems….